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The Time of the Hero

Mario Vargas Llosas first novel, The Time of the Hero (La ciudad y los perros) was publiced 1963, and tells about Mario Vargas Llosas own experiences from the Lima's Leoncio Prado military Academy. The debut was an immediate success and his technique was highly praised by critics, although the military directed sharp criticism. Many highly ranked generals in the Peruvian army called it a work of a "degenerate mind", and blamed Vargas Llosa to have been paid to write it by the Ecuador to blacken then Peruvian army. 

Selected Novels of Mario Vargas Llosa

  • The Time of the Hero (La ciudad y los perros)
  • The Green House (La casa verde)
  • Conversation in the Cathedral (Conversación en la catedral)
  • Captain Pantoja and the Special Service (Pantaleón y las visitadoras)
  • Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter (La tía Julia y el escribidor)
  • The War of the End of the World (La guerra del fin del mundo)
  • The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta (Historia de Mayta) 
  • Who Killed Palomino Molero?(¿Quién mató a Palomino Molero?)
  • The Storyteller (El hablador)
  • In Praise of the Stepmother (Elogio de la madrastra)
  • Death in the Andes (Lituma en los Andes)
  • Notebooks of Don Rigoberto (Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto)
  • The Feast of the Goat (La fiesta del chivo)
  • The Way to Paradise (El paraíso en la otra esquina)
  • The Bad Girl (Travesuras de la niña mala)
  • El sueño del celta
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Selected Novels of Mario Vargas Llosa Mario Vargas Llosas first novel, The Time of the Hero (La ciudad y los perros) was publiced 1963
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