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The Green House

The Green House (La Casa Verde) is Mario Vargas Llosas second novel. It was published in 1965 in spanish, and was translated to english in 1968.The story is often described as rather complex. The storyline covers over 40 years, and takes place in two different parts of Peru, in Piura, a town near the north coast, and along the Peruvian Amazonia, specifically near the river Marañón.

The plot 

During the early 20th-century the mysterious Anselmo starts a popular brothel called the Green house in the outskirts of Piura.

Antonias (Tonita) parents are killed by bandits, and she is left all alone. Antonia is raised in Piura by the poor villager Juana Barra but gets abducted Anselmo. He keeps Antonia locked up in the "Green House" as his wife until she dies, after giving birth to their baby.

In the Jungle:

After escaping from prison in Brazil Fushia flees to Peru, where he meets a poor water vendor, Aquilino. Together they make their way thought the Peruvian amazonas. 

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